I absolutely love the Basketry!  And delivery service is the Bomb!!!! When I need a gift or just something that I have to have, I call, they deliver within a day sometimes the same day to my work, NO CHARGE!!!!

Wow.... how awesome is that!!!  And the ladies and girls that work in there are so so nice and friendly.  Will go out of my way to check on an item in stock and even go another step further and email a picture of the item.  Love them and my little special place!

Thanks Ladies!!!!! :) - Doy Breaux, Iberia Bank

"My sister in law was ecstatic, she said it was beautiful and the fruit was perfect.  She couldn't have asked for a better wedding gift that was waiting for her in their room at the Westin. Thank you. - Claudia Soman

"You're wonderful. I'm going to tell all my girlfriends about you all.  You are reasonable, you have the local attitude (unlike most in this cruel world) and your products are fantastic and your shipping is very quick. Thank you for being wonderful." - Michelle McLaney

"I have gotten baskets from you in the past for closing gifts for my home buyers and sellers. Recently, I found out that you deliver!!! Since then, I have gotten many baskets delivered to my office for my closings.  The other agents oooh and aaah over them when they come through the door!  I even had one agent remark, "I'll buy a house from you if you give me one of these!"  My clients love them, and your staff really helps me out to make them special for each of my clients' specific interests.  I am stuck on giving The Basketry gifts for the rest of my career.  I'll probably call you for all of my Christmas gifts this year too.  Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide.  You really make it easy for someone who has NO TIME to give a very special gift to each and every one of my buyers and sellers. THANK YOU!!! - Amy Schexnayder Oubre - Latter & Blum Realtor

"For over ten years Kristi and The Basketry girls have delivered countless, exquisite baskets to Brand's customers and team members.  The unique, creative flair that is packaged into each basket makes the fortunate receivers feel very special and are often the target of envy.  Many thanks to each of you who have poured your hearts into this amazing business!"   - Apryl Brady, Brand Scaffold Services, Inc.

"All of our experiences with The Basketry have been wonderful.  Thank you for making it so easy when ordering".  - Laura Moore, TPC of Louisiana

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service I received when I ordered my Lampe Berger lamp from you recently. Thank you for taking the time to call and leave a phone message with the status of my order when your e-mail wasn't functioning. It is so rare these days to deal with a company that is willing to go just a little above and beyond when it comes to customer service." Alice Pieritz, Lake Charles, LA

"You guys not only offer great product, but your customer service is unmatchable.
Just to let you know, there are many times when I forward your Basketry News around my office.  Just one more loyal customer." Amanda Bourg, WVUE-TV FOX 8 - New Orleans